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  • “I Voted” Election Stickers
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  • Sloop Experiments
  • 2016

Our home state of Washington moved completely to voting by mail a few years ago, and when we voted this year, we were sad to not be able to sport those iconic little “I Voted” stickers around town. So we made our own.

The first sticker uses colorful food illustrations (some of our favorite American junk foods here at Sloop) to get the message across. The second is styled after old political buttons from the ‘50s and 60s and features our beloved cat and studio mascot, Luna. The third sticker uses a typeface we’ve been dying to try (Bookmania by Mark Simonson), in Spanish and a feminine color palette (solidarity with all our fellow nasty women and bad hombres).

2016 Election Stickers 2016 Election Stickers 2016 Election Stickers